It all started when I found out what anime was. Anime fascinated me, from the different drawings styles, to the colors, and the storylines. It was amazing to me and that is where my love for art began. Then in the 7th grade, I became depressed. I did not know what depression was or know how to deal with it. I knew something was wrong but was ashamed to say anything. I went to get therapy in the 8th grade and stopped in the 10th grade. A year later my depression crept back up and thus the cycle began all over again. It was back and worse than ever. Through all of this, I continued to draw and create my art. Art was my silent scream that I could not shout and the words I did not know how to say.  It is my voice. My goals are these three things:

  1. ​ Become a therapist

  2. Put my services in low-income neighborhoods

  3. Once I get enough funds, to donate to low-income neighborhoods.

With that being said, mental health is very important and I have dedicated my to it life for that very reason. I do not want anyone to feel like the way I felt. I want people to know that there is someone in their corner fighting with and for them. That is the story, and that is the goal. ​